Falling 05:47
Avanna: I don't want to put this story to its end (to its end) I don't want to let you go (i don't want to let you go) I just want to let this feeling go through my soul Pass it to the air, let it be heard Take my hand the time has come for us to fall Take my hand I wish we'll never be apart Brace yourself cause now we're falling Hold my hand cause now we're falling
Walkaway 07:17
Gumi: I drive my life to the core Passing the signs along the road Walking away from my life As I watched the sky puzzled Walkaway and let my past be washed away, all day Away, I froze up in that time Walkaway and let me say we'll part away, in this way Away, my heart stops in that time Walkaway let this night be all last a day, or someday Away, this is our last moment Walkaway my last word for you all this day, and I'll say Away, will you go and live on?
Megurine Luka: Across the eerie waters, Misty covered glass I spied A sad procession, snaking down The dry and deadly trail. And as my telescopic eye Focused on the marching line, It settled on the fallen crown, Now covered with a veil. The heavy weight of mourning Drew each head to face the ground. Muscles tight on bearers' arms Each body cold and frail. And through the muslin mist The beating drums, the only sound. Twenty boats out in the bay All ready to set sail.


released October 9, 2014

music: AdyS, Azureflux, lexis✩shii, Shoujo Eyes, Zuharu
cover art: nuei.deviantart.com


all rights reserved



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