Brain In A Jar / Quantum Leaper

by Azureflux

Otto Mozer: Riddle me this, riddle me that Who's afraid of M Centuries will come undone As soon as he wakes Nothing can help you when Otto Launches his unrelenting strike Brain washing, mind controlling Big M is back Here he comes
Lady Parsec: I am the quantum leaper Ruler of time and space Choose where I can go and I'll be there In an instant Hiding in plain sight I'm Shifting between dimensions Upon my prototype rests The destiny of the universe


Presenting two songs featuring Otto Mozer and Lady Parsec, both of which from a vocal synthesizer called chipspeech.

A – Brain In A Jar (feat. Otto Mozer)

Rolling, squelching, reese, sub; this one will give you the rundown on drum and bass synths while Otto Mozer describes exactly what he's up to after having been idle for so long.

AA – Quantum Leaper (feat. Lady Parsec)

Various chip instruments are used throughout this one. Lady Parsec, the matriarchal all-encompassing queen of the universe, teaches a lesson on quantum leaping. She'll repeat that one more time (learn by rote memorization) and then end with some beats. Also, the countdown is the C64 speech synth.


released February 24, 2015

music: Azureflux
cover art: Pixoshiru, Azureflux


all rights reserved



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