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Jashikiwarashi Sariel

by Hidaritsuu

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Yuzuki Yukari: verse 1: mukashi mukashi aru tokoroni fushigi na me wo motta shoujo ga otousan to futari nakayoku kurasiteimashita prechorus 1: aru hi chichi wa kodomo wo tsureta miboujin wo metorimashitatosa jaaku na kuma-san wa kouiuno "yattane Sari-chan kazoku ga fueru yo!" chorus 1: shikashi ane to mamahaha tachi wa totemo totemo ijiga waruku shoujo no koto wo gejo no youni shiitage hajimemashitatosa kanojo wa omou konna mono wa nozondeta kazoku nanka janai isso no koto yatsura mo mata ano onna no youni keshiteshimae verse 2: aru hi shoujo ra kazoku no moto ni butoukai no hou ga kimashita nanyakanya atte, shoujo wa kisaki ni narimashita prechorus 2: kanojo ga sono te ni osametanowa inochi wo moteasoberu kenryoku muku na akuma-san wa kouiuno "yattane Sari-chan izoku ga fueru yo!" chorus 2: hitoomoi ni inochi wo tsunde ageru hodo no jihi nado nai kokoro ga shinu hodo no kutsuu wo ajiawaseru noga senketsu onore no tsumi, inga ga mi ni kaettekuru no wa hitsuzen deshou? shishi ni hashiru itami kazoete "me" wo motsu tenshi ni zange shiro chorus 3: medama egure, ashi wo tsumero, haikaburi no hime wa oikari da atama hasame, kubi wo heshiore, izen ono mamahaha no gotoku glass no kutsu yorimo saki ni akaaka to yaketa tetsu no kutsu wo haite modae jashi no tenshi no batsu wo sono mi e to kizamikome rough translation: verse 1: once upon a time, there was a girl with mysterious eyes, living with her father prechorus 1: one day, her father married a widow with couple daughters evil teddy bear says "good news Sariel, you've got new family members!" chorus 1: but the stepmother and stepsisters were really really mean they started to treat the girl as a servant "this is not the family that I wanted, I should kill them just like that bitch" verse 2: one day, the girl and her family were invited to the ball at the palace after this and that, she married the prince prechorus 2: what she has gained, is the power to play with human life innocent devil says "good news Sariel, you get to lose some old family members!" chorus 2: she doesn't have mercy to kill them right away they need to be tortured until they mentally die it makes perfect sense that sinners get punished because of their own sins count up the amount of pain on your body, and apologize to the angel of evil eye chorus 3: pinch out your eye balls, slice off your feet little by little, feel the anger of the queen of cinder pinch your head and break your neck, just like the "previous" step mother before you try glass shoes, why don't you try a pair of red hot iron shoes this is the punishment, of the angel of evil eye


After a short stint in Touhou land, Hidaritsuu is back with an original song. Turns out Yukari seems to be having a bad day at the office. Doing away with people's body parts and things like that? She'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way (Canadian, in this case). Well, perhaps a bit of a warning before listening to this one, as it's quite explicit. Let's be real though, most of us don't know the first thing about Japanese so it's no skin off our nose. It's like listening to Slow Jamz when you're a kid. If you aren't English you would have no idea what he's talking about and you only understand the torrent of profanity that Twista is spouting at a later age. Hidaritsuu's lyrics don't pull any punches, but we provided a translation anyways.

In his staple power metal and name-your-price format, here's Hidaritsuu's 6th release with Vocallective.


released February 3, 2016

music: Hidaritsuu (CasteP)
mix, master: Papa Goriot Studios
cover art: kogaran


all rights reserved



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