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Foreshadow 06:20
CZloid, Kikyuune Aiko: I'm worthless I'm worthless I know that That I'm not worth it I'm holding I'm holding Onto you With all my strength A a a a a a a a
My Wish 05:52
Al!ce.16: You are the one I know Who lives inside me These feelings I've derived Still hold on tightly You are the one That I still love You are the one That I think of It's all the same We're always fighting Am I to blame Did I light it How could you just forget All about me How could you be so blind With eyes shut tightly With all this pain I'm always walking Always wishing For God to end this Resurrection In our black hearts Perfect diction Scream it all apart It's all the same We're always fighting Am I to blame Did I light it Resurrection In our black hearts Perfect diction Scream it all apart
Ouroboros 05:47
Unlucky 06:10
Al!ce.16: I will always be unlucky Through this life I have been struggling I'm not like the rest around me I'm a monster it's plain to see I'm not human I'm not human  I'm not human I'm not human A a a a a a a I know you are watching me Oh so closely fear is flowing  All around maliciously  Whatever I hate this world I will burn it all to ashes I'm a monster that's what they say I will give you what you've wanted Die all please die I'm so tired Of this place Please kill me
Psykosis 04:32
Irreversible 04:36
Teto Kasane: I can feel it All surrounding me These memories Of a time Where I used to be Joyful  Happy Can you see it All of our dreams Can you find me If I had one wish It would be for sleep So tired of beliefs I hate everything That's inside me I don't want to die I'm slowly losing my mind I'm still suffering Don't look here with pity I know how hard it is to live freely X2 La la la la la la la


Looks like Sam has finally lost it. Now, here's a man that is no stranger to self-deprecating lyrics, but this one gives Kanye's 2010 album a run for its money. That's what you get when you let all that fame get to your head. Goodbye Sam, we hardly knew ye.

Also worth noting is that this is an electronic album, very different from what he's released on Vocallective before (mostly rock). Props for being well-versed in different genres, keeps things interesting.

Features a couple of new Utaus like Al!ce.16 and Kikyuune Aiko.


released June 28, 2015

music: Blackbird (Samuel Wright)
cover art: kitcat190.deviantart.com




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