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Debut EP of the trio Lizts, Riido and Remo.
With a mix of light and bitter, they hope to bring you the best of both worlds.


released July 11, 2014

composition: Lizts, Riido
mix: Lizts, Fealow
tuning, art: Remo


all rights reserved



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Track Name: My Sadako Girl

There's this girl who always hides her face
No one knew how she looked,
it was all just an empty space.
But that fateful day, I have caught a glimpse
And couldn't seem to believe with my eyes
Right there, I was mesmerized

But even past her chilling sight,
With sweeping hair dark as the night
Was a light that shines my days so bright

But wait, something's not right
There's only 7 days now left in my life

Something had changed inside of me,
I didn't know how it could be
But deep inside my heart,
knew that we are so apart
But even when she passed me by,
I looked into her eyes
And it took a while for me to see,
that she's so perfect for me

Am I being too hasty
Or maybe I'm just going crazy
Or did I read this wrong
There's no way this love goes this strong
Yet my mind is telling me that I shouldn't go and run away
Though I'll die that day
there is nothing left anyway

My dark fears all began to fade
These thoughts I'll tell it to her straight
Before all this becomes too late

I knew that I was cursed
But on the 7th day,
she burst to tears and put my mind to rest

I confessed, It's all okay
you don't have to be alone
'Cause time flies by with you behind me
These memories, I'll hold it dearly
and I will gladly give my life to you
So find your way and carry through

Something had changed inside of me,
I didn't know how it could be
And deep inside my heart,
knew that we are gonna part
But when I opened up my eyes
she went into the skies

And I see you again
Track Name: La Partida; Calma

No sé que pasó
Por qué así todo terminó
Tenía mucho para dar
No me diste la oportunidad
Hice el esfuerzo por seguir
Mas nunca pensé en mi
Fuiste el porque de mi vivir
Y ahora te vas

Si, quien desconfio fui yo
Pero fue con razón
Pues nunca demostraste ser mejor
Sin mas, te dejé de importar
Para qué mirar atrás
No puedo--

Siempre te esperaré
Nunca admitiré el adiós
Sin ti no creo poder seguir
Dices que es lo mejor
Pero sin ti
No puedo

Qué necesidad
De traicionar a tu otra mitad
Querias a otro corazón
No me vengas con perdón
Di todo lo que soy
Para que olvides tu dolor
Pero de recompensa
Te burlaste de mi amor

Qué, si el odio me consumió
Si la ira me cegó
A gritos descargo mi dolor
Al fin, la tormenta ya pasó
Y puedo decir adiós

Ya no te esperaré,
Nunca mereciste mi amor
Y me perdiste
Fuiste de lo mejor
Lo fuiste

El cielo ya despejó
Y mi futuro veo hoy
La esperanza vive en mi
Siento que lo mejor
Fue el adiós
Lo siento
Track Name: Tuesday Love Blues
Megurine Luka:

Tuesday afternoon, out of touch
digging out what's left of my soul
Then out of nowhere something glows
from the far end of the room
the waiting stops out of the blue

There I stood, mesmerized
as you walk down the hall, such a sweet delight
as this reeling feeling shakes me inside
Without thinking of it at all,
this is what I had said

‘Cause whoever you are, ohh
I will be right by your side
Oh baby,
I can't find the words to say
because maybe someday…

Wednesday morning blues just took me by
All my jazz, all my cool, have melted away
Oh, why did I act like a fool
but maybe so, I wish that I'd
forgotten the things that day

I don't know what to do
so I turn and run back to you
Oh baby
But even though I tried so hard
not to give my love away, oh I can't say

‘Cause whoever you are, ohh
I will be right by your side
Oh baby, ohh
I can't find the notes to sing
Because maybe someday, I'll find a way
Even though I don't know for sure
I'll find a way

Because surely someday, I'll find a way

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