Scythe of Luna - Crystal Dream

from Vocallective Sampler #5 by Vocallective Records



Hatsune Miku, Macne Nana:

Crystal dream, chasing me,
Snow from heavens is falling free.
Overseas it’s calling you,
In my dream I'm falling through..

Dying spark..
It’s a fierce pleasure to me -
To taste your spilled blood.
Relentless fade to black..
Forthcoming shift will crash
The borders of death and time.
Can you feel
The sanity of
Dark emotions that running through these veins,
And this increscent fear?

Through falling snow, please show me the way.
I’m feeling so lone
While hiding in the shadows.
My sorrow
Is all what to blame.
I’m walking along
The edge of world of Grim and broken dreams.

Blue shards of ice are growing deep within
Of my motivation,
Artificial mind is mired
In dimensions of ordinary obsession.
They’re tearing through my skin.
The open wounds are exposing
The importance of our integrity.
There is no more cold left to feel,
You want me belong to thine,
But your envy is so blind, ah!
My sorrow seems so real.
Our ruthless slaughter for survival,
Is not a game to lose or win.

Softly falling snow, please carry away
The feelings of lone me, who’s
Falling through the shadows.
My sorrow,
Is all what to blame.
I’m falling beyond
The edge of world, into the crystal dreams,
All around me.
I’m breaking walls
All around me.


from Vocallective Sampler #5, released March 20, 2017


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