Freedom Tastes Like Cherry Pie

from by U2KUSHI

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Featuring Hatsune Miku.


Hatsune Miku:

me and you not one but two
our hearts linked and no one blinked
days go by it's getting dry
chained with you don't know what to do

remembering all the days when I felt so alone
wanting someone to hold me despite we talk through phone
i was desperate for some love where anyone would do
now we're at the point where it's just only me and you

remembering the distances we were so apart
desperate for each other I was not, n-not, so smart
I didn't know what harm this could do for me or you
colorless emotions took over were very blue

freedom tastes like cherry pie
no one mentioned the tears i'd cry
without you I feel complete
but also I admit defeat

cells of love will spread more hate
feel the pain never see the gate
mirror projects idle thoughts
bounded to him just like a not

hopelessly romantic words took over me always
we thought we were so loving with words we set to blaze
sex has changed his one ideal that won't be healed ever
expecting perfect love in forms of his "kinky" slurs

a camera holds some moments I hold in my head
holding yourself to a standard thats heard but not said
pulling back my hair I expose my own shameful face
struggling to my freedom is not a blissful race


from Fragile Heart, released February 14, 2015


tags: electronic


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