xtraspicy - world end BREAK!

from Vocallective Sampler #5 by Vocallective Records

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Hatsune Miku:

(its the end of the world as we know it)
(if we want to survive we must fight it)
(its the end of the world as we know it)
(time to fight for your right for existence)

here we are, we can't avoid this outcome
rise again, and give it all you've got now
take my hand, we'll fight our way through this one
if you believe we'll make it through somehow

if there's a way we'll find it even if it's just a sliver
a chance we'll never get again pursuing with all fervor
when everything is broken and there's nothing left to turn to
exhausted all the options but we have to keep on moving

there's no escape i have to say i find it fascinating
i watched you when you fought for me to save me from this ending
i wish that i could fight for you but this is all i can do
and now we're here our biggest fear and there's no other way out

i wont let this be the end for you and me

awaken from my slumber and i see whats left around me
the world reduced to ashes but i see that you're still standing
just to greet me, or maybe
if it's true that we survived how come it feels just like i'm dreaming
on the other side, i feel alive

so now it's time to start again rebuilding what we lost again
if this is how it has to be i'll lend you all i can of me
for i was sent here from the past to be the help that you need
a world where we can smile again to save us from this tragedy

i am the one that's here for you just call me when you need me
i am the crying shoulder you can lean on if you need me
together we can change this ending we just have to make it
the future isn't set in stone if we can just believe it

we'll create anew the hope for all to see


from Vocallective Sampler #5, released March 20, 2017


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